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120 hours, the time it takes to complete a flower tea. We thought about how to enjoy the color, scent and taste of the original flower. We aimed to make flower tea that is the closest to nature using only human hands and temperature. 

Now, we give our endeavor and sincerity to you


Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter...

Flowers bloom and fall in one place every year. The beauty and scent of such flowers led us to find ways to own them.


KKOKDAM was established in Korea in 2016, is winning the hearts of consumers not only in Korea but also around the world as of 2022. Flower tea is manufactured by flower tea sommelier experts at a professional manufacturing plant facility, and we continue to research and strive for new recipes for flower tea.


Using 100% Korean flowers of the highest quality, KKOKDAM offers the taste and fragrance of natural flowers. KKOKDAM's flower tea manufacturing process is carried out 100% by hand from start to finish. KKOKDAM acquires flowers through contract cultivation with farms in pristine locations all over Korea, and all work from flower cultivation, drying, processing, to subdivision is carried out by human hands.


KKOKDAM's gift sets are a best-selling product line with various configurations that are widely loved by the MZ generation as well as consumers in their 50s and 60s alike. Among the range, KKOKDAM's signature product, the Flower Tea Stick, has been developed independently through in-house R&D and has earned design patent rights. The gift sets containing Flower Tea Sticks are receiving a lot of attention from consumers in Korea and abroad.


Obtaining ISO 22000 certification, KKOKDAM meets the requirements for food safety throughout the food supply chain, and its signature product, Flower Tea Stick, was certified by the US FDA in 2018 and 2019. KKOKDAM is currently pursuing various global food safety standards and certifications such as halal and vegan. Through the endorsement of these international certifications, KKOKDAM intends to approach overseas consumers with diverse cultures as a flower tea brand that they can enjoy beautifully and safely.


KKOKDAM also has business-only B2B products for retail stores, including cafe operators. As of 2022, more than 1,000 Korean partner cafes are using flower tea products provided by KKOKDAM. KKOKDAM plans to actively appeal to cafe operators and retailers around the world with business-exclusive products by benchmarking its success strategy in Korea.

We are growing with companies that put customer value first. And our products are sold on various channels in 8 countries around the world.


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