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KKOKDAM Butterfly Flower Tea Bag Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)
KKOKDAM Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)
KKOKDAM Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)
KKOKDAM Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)
KKOKDAM Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)
KKOKDAM Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)

Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)

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Acacia Butterfly Tea Bag Pouch (10ea)

$19.00 Regular price $21.78

- Acacia

Acacia, which features small flowers, is characterized by a subtle sweetness.

Acacia flowers, famous for their honey, preserve the sweet and fresh scent and natural taste, and are good tea for getting in shape.

🦋 Butterfly Flower Tea Bag 

Butterfly Flower Tea bag is designed to look like a butterfly sitting on the top of glass

It is the form of a tea bag with butterfly-shape holder, so you can drink it easily

All of KKOKDAM Flower Tea products are made in Korea 

KKOKDAM provides 100% hand-made products with full of sincerity

KKOKDAM does not add any food additives and provides a natural flavor

KKOKDAM products are all decaf, caffeine free.


🍵Butterfly Flower Tea Bag Pouch 10ea

This Butterfly Pouch contains 10ea individual butterfly teabag and

It's packaged one by one, so you can easily make a cup of flower tea and drink.

Of course, If you are a tea-lover, you can also drink this fancy flower tea

as a café-at-home menu or valuable gifts!


How to Drink Butterfly Flower Tea Bag?

🍵 Please put a tea bag into the cup

🍵 Fix the tea bag with butterfly holder on the top of glass.

🍵 Pour hot water over 95 degrees (about 300ml)

🍵 While the tea is brewing, block the top of the cup so that it is blocked from cold air.

🍵 Please wait for 1~2 minutes.

🍵 Enjoy the rich taste and fragrance of flower tea with your eyes, nose and mouth.


How to Fix Butterfly Tea Bag Holder

🦋 Place the tea bag tag in the center of the butterfly holder.

🦋 Fix the butterfly holder to the top of glass.


*Package size

Width x Length x Depth (Inch)

5.1 x 8.6 x 1.9



#Decaf #Caffeine Free #Halal #Kosher # Artificial flavoring free #Vegan #Vegitarian #FDA #ISO22000 #No food additives #Sugar free


It's my first time drinking flower tea, how should I drink it?

There is a coating film that occurs naturally during the manufacturing process of flower tea. It is recommended to make flower tea using hot water above 90 degrees boiled in a pot or an electronic pot.

The color of the flower tea is different from the product image, is it okay to drink it?

Since it is a flower collected from nature, The color of the petal can vary depending on the harvest time and variety.

Why was the flower tea crumbled and delivered?

KKOKDAM is doing all the work manually by human hands. Petals may be separated during the process of packaging or shipping, but we only ship products that have no problem with drinking.

What is the expiration date and how to store the flower tea products?

The expiration date is 24 months from the date of manufacture, and the expiration date is marked individually on the product. 

Please store flower tea products in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.


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