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Traditional Tea Ceremony of Brewing Tea

Traditional Tea Ceremony of Brewing Tea

In Korea, the process and time of brewing up a tea are also meaningful ceremony. Brewing up a tea slowly and carefully with a calm mind, then agony and anguish would go away. Let me introduce you to the meaningful tea ceremony from making a cup of tea and drinking tea time.

How to make the warm flower tea

Preparing tea water

A Suitable water temperature for flower tea is 95°C or higher, hot water boiled in a pot or an electric pot should be prepared.

Since flower tea was heat-coated in the manufacturing process, water temperature from water purifier is not suitable for making flower tea.

Preparing a tea cup in the right size (250ml to 300ml)
To prepare a tea cup in the right size is good for making flower tea. It's right to use a 250-300ml glass cup! (250-300ml size of cups will give you enough flavor and aroma even if you refill tea water 3 times in a row)

Preheating a tea cup

If your tea cup and tea are ready, pour hot water into the empty cup and preheat the up. This warm-up process is very important because the preheated tea cup is able to make the tea taste and aroma better.

Rinsing flower tea

Put flower tea in the preheated tea cup and pour enough hot water to soak the flower tea. Rinse flower tea and tea cup lightly, and discard the water.

Rinsing flower tea is a necessary process for drinking clean tea.

Brewing up flower tea

Pour hot water into the tea cup with flower tea. You can taste the most delicious tea when you brew up tea for 2 to 3 minutes based on 250ml hot water.

If you have a extra tea pot, you can transfer the tea water to tea cup and pour more hot water into a tea pot and brew up flower tea again.

Enjoying tea time

If you have been through a flower tea brewing process, there would be a well-made flower tea with a rich aroma and taste.

I hope you can experience the tea ceremony and enjoy your tea time with your loved ones.

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